by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

Due to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, education system all over India is going to be identical. Everyone receives the exact textbook knowledge your child gains.


So, there is only one way for your child to exhibit his/her distinctness and make an impact in the world.


It will be only possible if your child possesses an unique skillset that sets him/her apart from over a ton of people.


Another reason that can vouch for the above statement is this. Take a look at the statistics below.


Statistics taken between the months of September – December 2021.


As you can see, the unemployment rate is higher (19.4%) among the graduates. No matter what degree your child gets in the future he/she can still end up being potentially jobless if he/she aren’t one of a kind.


 Also, according the World Economic Forum, more than 1 billion jobs, almost one-third of all jobs worldwide, are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade. We are already seeing this happen. 


As technology booms, AIs and robots will soon takeover by 2040 and you will witness a rapid rise in the need for roles in cloud computing, data analysing, engineering and product development.


But also keep in mind that the academic education the children receive now will become obsolete by then.


There will also be a transition happening to concentrate on not just the credentials and certificates but also on skills like creativity, problem solving, analytics, and the ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity.


Top companies like Google, EY and IBM have already embraced this kind of thinking and are hiring people from different talent pools.


By this you would have already realized that our world is changing in a fast pace and is getting competitive.


If you start bringing younger minds to accept this fact and train them from now it will be a lot easier for them to accustom to it in the time ahead.


Getting into competitive activities will allow them to learn how to handle failures, pressure and prepares them to approach things with a positive mind-set.


It will also change the perspective with which they view things. They will be ready to take over any challenge thrown in their way and will emerge successful.


Even though COVID-19 gave us a hard time, we must also admit it has provided us with an ample amount of time.


Use this time wisely and start taking action from now on.


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