by- XOOG
February 25, 2022

XOOG is an online innovation platform that allows children to demonstrate their talent and skills through competitions and workshops.


We mainly focus on two prime genres: Art and Analytics.


Art includes dancing, singing, drawing whereas analytics include coding, Vedic math, quiz and Rubik’s.


Keep in mind, that we are a platform for people to showcase their skills both academically and non-academically.


Given below are our most searched skills and how they benefit children in the long run.


1.    Art


Art activities help children’s' social and emotional development. Being able to practice important skills as they have fun is ideal.


The social and emotional benefits children gain from engaging in art are countless.

·      They get to express themselves,

·      Reveal their personality, thoughts, and ideas

·      Develop a sense of independence

·      Practice decision making skills

·      Discover their likes and dislikes

·      Learn about colour theory, texture, line, shape, and so much more!


Through art activities children learn about themselves, their culture, and their community. They also learn about others from around the world.


When children create art they learn to problem solve by experimenting with different materials and techniques.


Art helps children learn about the world around them and provides them with an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings in a positive way.


2.    Dancing


In the world of children, there are many different skills that are required for them to be successful.  One of the most important skills is dance.


Dance, in general, is a form of art and it also serves as a great form of exercise for children.


It is one of the few skills that have been proven to have positive effects on both cognitive and physical development in children.


It's a good way to help them express themselves by using their body movements.


It helps build confidence, increases imagination and creativity, builds strength as well as flexibility and also helps in social skill development.


It also helps them develop spatial awareness and discipline, while they learn basic steps and routines.


Dancing can be done individually or with a group of other children where they can learn to work together and follow the lead of the instructor.


It's a great way to boost self-esteem among children who may be shy or timid.


3.    Singing


Confidence is the first step to helping children succeed in life.


What better way to help develop confidence than by singing? Children love opportunities to sing and perform for others.


Being able to stand up in front of an audience and sing gives them a sense of accomplishment that no other activity can match.


Singing also helps children with their speech development. In music classes, children learn a variety of songs that use all sorts of different sounds, syllables and words.


This helps their brains make connections that they might not otherwise make while they are learning how to speak.


4.    Rubik’s cube


Rubik's Cube is a puzzle that has fascinated people of all ages, especially children.


This puzzle cube can be turned and twisted in many ways; you can rotate the rows, columns and layers of the cube until it is solved.


It is not just fun to play with but also helps develop important skills in children such as

·      Problem solving,

·      Spatial awareness,

·      Hand-eye coordination and

·      Patience.


Considering the benefits of all these skills, we conclude by saying that XOOG is the one-stop solution for your children to exhibit their skills and also learn skills through workshops and competitions.


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