by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

Now, we will be delighted to walk you through some of our notable accomplishments.


·      XOOG is a stem accredited platform.


·      We have reached out to 7+ countries within a year.


·      We have come a long way and have grown along with our 1300+ Xoogians.


·      Over 60+ speedcubers from all over India are our mentors.


·      We are proud to have built a fastest 6.5 year old speed-cuber amongst us with a record of solving a 3*3 in 14 seconds. (Name should be added and photo.)


·      Our youngest cuber is just 4.5 years old. (Name and photo should be added.)


·      We provide certificates to the children taking part in competitions.


·      We boast having with us the fastest speedcubing mentors in India- Aryan Chabra, Vijay Kishore and Aamir Saifee.

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