New skills for your child to survive the future and possibly take over the world
by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

Kids today are going to have it rough. They’re growing up in a world that’s vastly different to anything you have experienced.

We can all agree the pace of change is accelerating at a scary rate, and being able to adapt quickly will be key for your child's survival in the future.

Your child needs to develop certain skills that will help him/her survive in the time ahead. The good news is that you can get started on this right now!


1)   Critical thinking


Critical thinking is the ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions to a problem.


This type of higher-level thinking enables us to learn new skills, solve complex problems and develop better understanding of ourselves and others.


It is a skill that will help them throughout their lives, and help them make better decisions both personally and professionally.


Children who can think critically, who can solve problems and understand the consequences of their actions, are more likely to be confident and successful.


Here's what you can do to encourage your kids to think critically:


·       Give them opportunities to explore

·       Encourage open-ended questions

·       Have them explain their thinking

·       Focus on solving real-world problems

·       Get them interested in learning about the world around them by reading and listening to the news.


2)   Problem solving


Problem-solving is an important life skill. It helps your child to identify what's wrong, brainstorm possible solutions and test the min order to find out what works best.


You need to provide them with lots of opportunities to practice it. Here are some ways on how you can cultivate this skill amongst your kids:


·       Encourage them to try solving problems independently.

·       Let them make mistakes and make sure you don't step in whenever they do so.

·       Encourage them to ask questions and look for answers themselves.

·       Keep them occupied by giving them worksheets, puzzles & games to solve.

·       Encourage creative play.

·       Read problem solving stories together.

·       Allow them to experience failures.


3)   Effective oral and written communication


It’s the ability to be able to express and articulate thoughts, values and feelings in a way that others will understand.


If your child has great ideas but can’t communicate them, then she/he is lost.


Improve their oral communication by making them answer these questions to themselves:

·       Did I get my point across?

·       Could I have been clearer?

·       Did I use examples to illustrate my point?

·       Did I listen carefully to what the other person was saying?

·       Was I getting distracted from listening?


Written communication can be excelled only by continuous practice.


Get your child grammar, essay workbooks to work on and make them write short stories to improve their prowess.


4)   Agility and adaptability


As our world continues to change, it's important for kids to be flexible enough to change with it.


They need to be able to think and act instantly and be prepared to change course quickly if their plans don't work out.


In fact, they may find themselves working in an industry that doesn't yet exist today or doing a job that hasn't been invented yet.


We know from research that those who are good at adapting to change tend to be more successful than those who aren't. So make them acknowledge and accept this fact from now on.



5)   Out of the box thinking


Creative thinking is one of the most prominent and rare skills in the world. It is a skill that distinguishes the thinkers from the crowd.


A creative thinker can solve problems, challenges and opportunities with new and unique ideas and solutions.


It is not something we are born with, it is learned. It is a skill that can be developed and when nurtured, children will develop the confidence to create, explore and innovate.


While there are many ways to develop creativity, here are some tips and tricks to help your child get started:


·       Encourage them to ask more questions.

·       Get them out of their comfort zone.

·       Have brainstorming sessions.

·       Hear out others’ opinion.

·       Take them on nature walks.

·       Play along with them.

·       Join them on extracurricular activities like painting, drawing, dancing, singing etc.


The importance of these skills and their application in real life scenarios cannot be overstated. There definitely will come a time when your child may need to use these skills.


By inculcating these skills in them starting from now, we are putting ourselves one step closer to creating well-rounded individuals who can handle themselves in any number of difficult situations.


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