My Expectations for My Child at School
by- XOOG
September 12, 2022

Everyone has different expectations for school, but in general, in my opinion, it should be a place where you not only receive the best education possible but also have the opportunity to succeed in every way. Students should feel most at ease learning in school and be given the confidence to accomplish and be themselves in a supportive learning environment.

As it's a modern era, most things work online as e-learning. So it's time that I should enrol my toddler on some other engaging activities with the school. I have also heard from my friend that there are some platforms where showcasing the skills rewards can be earned in the form of xcoins from a social platform called XOOG, and we could purchase things from those rewards. So it's a good, Safe social club for children to showcase, earn coins and use them in the shop for huge discounts and rewards. Here are some pointers to help you get off to the proper start and maintain a positive attitude and momentum throughout the academic year.


  • Pay attention to the process rather than the end result.
  • Encourage kids to advocate for themselves.
  • Observe the big picture.
  • Keep a regular sleep routine.
  • Love your child, not the child you wish you could have.

Don’t \s

  • Overschedule.
  • Worship grades.
  • encourage feeling helpless
  • Children should be contrasted.
  • Love children depending on their accomplishments.

As It might be challenging to determine whether parenting techniques actually support learning in the high-stakes, high-pressure game of school. A positive educational experience involves more than just grades. Your youngster should ideally learn how to study, remember information, think critically, ask questions, and gain a growing sense of competence. Also go ahead with encouraging and rewarding there skills.

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