by- XOOG
February 25, 2022

At XOOG, we believe that every child has some skills and many a times, these skills remain unexplored.


XOOG is a platform where children from all walks of life can exhibit their talents and learn new skills via competitions and workshops. It is not only about learning, but also about having fun.


This is a platform for the children to get inspired and motivated by other children, by competing with them and winning prizes. We understand how important it is to give them the right kind of exposure at the right age.


So we have designed competitions in various categories like singing, dance, painting, writing etc., so that they can choose their passion and work on it according to their interests.


Now you may think what really sets us apart from other platforms. What advantages you get out of joining XOOG.


We are going to tell you now.


·       #Reason one – Our amazing founders


Our founders are alumni of NIT, Trichy.


Few years ago, Mr. Ritvik Raj and Ms. Karishma shared a dream of building a platform for children to discover, enhance and exhibit their skills to the world.


With XOOG, it has become a reality now. This wouldn’t have been possible without their perseverance and hard work.

“I believe in building services for the betterment of society and future generations!” – Ms. Karishma.

She professes her love to create a change that can help people follow their passions. She’s an avid app developer and a powerhouse of innovations. Mainly concentrates on implementing her ideas and working tirelessly for them to become an impeccable reality.


Mr. Ritvik Raj is versatile and multi-talented and has always been a pillar of support for XOOG. He’s a master speed cuber and an ISSA certified coach. Also being a designer possessing a strong will, he has a unique perspective on how things should be done. All his skills are put into making this world a better place for the younger generation to live in.


You can see how diverse, passionate and efficient our founders are. They truly contribute in making XOOG the ideal platform for youngsters to thrive in.



·       #Reason two – 150+highly qualified mentors


Apart from competitions, we also focus on sharpening a child’s existing skills. So we organise workshops on activities like singing, dancing, coding, drawing, and Rubik’s to name a few.

Experts from each and every field will teach you everything you want to know and guide you thoroughly.

Over 60+speedcubers from all over India are our mentors.

We boast having with us the fastest speedcubing mentors in India- Aryan Chabra, Vijay Kishore and Aamir Saifee.



·       #Reason three – 2000+students aboard


Not limited to India, we have with us students from 7+ countries now. We are proud to have built the fastest 6.5 year old speed-cuber amongst us with a record of solving a 3*3 in 14 seconds. Our youngest cuber is just 4.5 years old.


“I have improved so much by competing at various levels. I get to know where I stand among by friends.”

“Ramansh loves to participate in competitions and improve his skills regularly with XOOG.”

“The art competition brought the best out of me. I even loved the tricks taught to me during the workshops.”


·       #Reason four –Everything is online


Now you may worry about offline competitions and workshops and how difficult they will be to attend during the ongoing pandemic.

We got it covered. No matter what part of the world you live in, what time zones you’re comfortable with, we are ready to schedule your events accordingly.

Also the registration process is completely online and we will be there to guide you throughout. Our websites are easy to use and you can schedule a call with us if you need clarifications.


·       #Reason five – XOOG membership


Last but definitely not the least we have an amazing offer for you. By paying just Rs.999 you can now gain access to all our 200+events throughout the year.

You won’t find an amazing deal as this one in any other platforms, we guarantee you that!

Your child can now participate in competitions and workshops he/she prefers at any time at the comfort of your home. You compete and also learn along the way. It’s a two in one offer. You may say, it’s similar to watching Netflix whenever you want.

How cool is that? You definitely don’t want to miss this one!


What are we saying?


Use our platform to bring out the best in your children. We are always here to guide and nourish them to their fullest. We will make them grow up to be splendid adults.

Also we have given you five reasons to join us and we are sure you won’t be able to find a single reason to deny us ;)



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