by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

Like our beliefs, our platform is also one of a kind. We will tell you why.


#1: Countless events to test your children:

Not just 20 or30, we conduct 200+ events, both competitions and workshops throughout the year so you need not worry about keeping your children occupied even in summer holidays.


Imagine the immense amount of fun, knowledge and experience they will gain in just a year. So, it’s better to keep your markers and calendars ready!


a)   Competitions coming up:

·      Rubik’s cube.

·      Drawing and art

·      Dance

·      Singing

·      Coding

·      Quiz


b)   Workshops coming up:


·      Magic

·      Cooking and baking

·      Vedic math

·      Rubik’s cube

·      Drawing and art

·      Dance

·      Singing

·      Coding

(Details and registration link to the workshops can be added here.)

(Also the video of students participating and their testimonials can be added.)





#2: Everything is digital these days so why not a vault?


Remember, with the right certificates in your possession you have a higher opportunity of getting a job as they play an indispensable role in authentication of your known skills.


So we came up with a digital vault where you can store your child’s certificates and access them whenever you want. You can never lose it anymore.


#3: Smooth like butter!


Right from when you enter our website till you leave we have our eyes on you.


We guide you through our site and make sure you don’t face any troubles while registering. We guarantee you a smooth experience.


#4: Added bonus: no incoming calls:


Last but not the least, we respect your boundaries. Unlike other platform we don’t hustle and bustle you with endless phone calls. We strictly follow a no sales call policy.


If you have doubts regarding the competitions and courses you can schedule a call with us. We will be happy to help you.

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