by- XOOG
February 25, 2022

Not everyone in this world is a superhero. But you can help your child grow into one.


Wondering how?


Then continue reading.


Just like how Peter Parker got bit by a spider and transformed into Spiderman- a superhero- we are here to do the same to your child. While this process does not involve a bite from a spider, we’ll strive to arm her/him with various super powers to succeed in life.


#Super power one – build confidence


We are a virtual space for children to compete among their peers.


Competitions make students able to face challenges, and help them develop confidence which helps them become successful in life.


The quality of life of children depends on the confidence they have in themselves. The more confident they are, the better it is for them to face challenges and succeed in life.


Confidence helps them to take risks, interact with others confidently and be successful in life.


#Super power two – learning through experience


The aim is not to win every competition but to take it as a learning opportunity and only see a win as the cherry on top.


XOOG is about “Learning by Doing.” Learning something from pure experience gives you an extra edge than learning directly from your mentors or classes.


It is the best way to learn. As the famous proverb goes, “Experience is the best teacher”. The idea of learning by doing is a very important one, and it makes sense too.


The more practical your learning is, the better it gets embedded in your mind.


#Super power three – develop anever give up attitude


We at XOOG, conduct not just one or two but conduct 200+ events throughout the year.


So even if you fail at one, doesn’t mean you have to give up. Competitions will keep coming up and you can attempt every single one of them.


Imagine the amount of knowledge and experience you will be blessed with.


In life failures are the stepping stone to success. With every step, you are taught something new.


Failure teaches you not only what you're good at but also what you're not good at. It encourages experimentation, innovation and creativity.

It tells us where we went wrong and how to correct ourselves the next time around.


In fact, many highly successful people attribute their success to their ability to fail. You only become more resilient, determined and start to develop a never give up attitude!


#Super power four – Train to become the best


Like we said previously, we offer you 200+ events round the year. So the amount of training and learning you get through participating is immense.


You come to know about your strengths and weakness and play accordingly.


Practice, practice, practice. Focus on where you lack and train to become the best version of yourself.



What are we saying?


The children of today are the super heroes of tomorrow. It is important to channel the energy and enthusiasm of children in the right direction to bring out their true potential.


Children are naturally curious and are receptive to learning new things. It is this curiosity that shapes their thinking and behaviour as they grow older.


They see, they hear, they learn, they imitate...and we as elders can help them in this process by exposing them to positive activities that will help them become better individuals.


Children today have access to technology much earlier than we did during our childhood. This has led to a drastic change in their lifestyles.


As parents, we must realise that with these changes come opportunities and risks. Children are constantly exposed to newer technologies which can make or break their future depending on the kind of exposure they get.


Our goal at XOOG is to provide a healthy platform for young minds to explore their skills and interests by providing them with opportunities in various activities like arts, crafts, sports, design, music etc.


Our competition model ensures that each child is given an opportunity to participate irrespective of whether he/she wins or not! At XOOG, we believe, everyone's a winner!


About XOOG


XOOG provides a safe online environment for children to compete among their peers, analyse their skills, learn from each other, and eventually grow into successful people who will be able to make a difference in the world.

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