How can reward-based learning create a good habit in children?
by- XOOG
March 21, 2022

Do you know what attracts kids more is gifts…

Even when we want them to top in school 🏫 or tell them to study they be like what will I get…

Then when you tell if you would score well you will get a gift…

Then they are more likely to study hard…and score well…

This is basic human nature…

Reward based learning can help students in many ways.

  1. Rewards can encourage your child's behaviors.

            As it is more likely that kids won't respond according to your wish if you don't offer any rewards. But rewards can help your child to do more of the things you want them to do.

  1. Rewards can help them increase confidence. 

As you know kids are a little scared to participate in anything and say no or quit. But if they still participate and win rewards they build confidence and get prepared for upcoming confidence. And also prepare themselves to win more rewards. 

  1. Rewards can help in maintaining relationships between parents and kids.

When your children get rewards they and you also get happy. Kids also get happy when they win rewards that make their parents feel proud. 

This is how rewards can help build students' skills. We at Xoog do this ,we arrange different competitions and workshops and help students nurture their skills.We have a reward system,in which students get different and exciting rewards..

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