by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

It all starts when you become a parent- the anxiety, the agony to get your child ready to face the world.


Is she prepared? Is he strong enough to survive the reality? Will she become successful? Will he be happy? Your thoughts keep flowing, but the clock never stops ticking.


We always tend to overlook the importance of childhood in a child’s life.


It’s a golden period that shapes the child’s brain, the capacity to learn, get along with others and to respond to daily stresses and challenges.


It is also the period where they discover who they want to be in future. So they desire to take dance lessons, karate, swimming, badminton and what not.


But is just learning these skills enough? Will it magically make them successful? Think about it, not all who take music lessons, become AR. Rahman.


So what makes a child to grow up to be successful?


Enter XOOG.


XOOG is driven by a strong desire to bring out the best in children and make them successful in the future.




We strongly believe that healthy competition among peers is the way to go.


Here’s why,


·      The goal isn’t to win. But to learn along the way and see the win as the cherry on top. Otherwise, children will begin to feel discouraged when they lose.


·       Failures are the best teachers one can ever get.


·       Being able to recognise where they went wrong and that they can train to become better can help them not only in their current competitions but also for future life.


·       Taking part in competitions can help them develop vital skills such as self-confidence, perseverance, determination and empathy. All these become an essential dose for their adult life and will help them emerge triumphant.


Sticking firm to the beliefs above, we at XOOG provide your children the platform to compete against their peers and to test out their skills.


Apart from this we also organise online workshops curated and based on your child’s age and interests. All the sessions are conducted live with respective mentors.



There are various platforms for you to learn skills. But is there a platform where you can learn as well as compete? Even if there were, is it affordable?


By purchasing XOOG’s golden ticket you can get through 200+events a year (both competitions and workshops) worth 1 lakh by just paying 1k.

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