6 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The Challenges Ahead:
by- XOOG
January 29, 2022

 As parents, it is only natural to feel anxious about your child’s future.

Here are a few things you can do to instil a positive mindset and get your children through those challenging moments.


1.    Take play seriously


In the early years, a child’s mind is like a sponge, soaking up everything around them. They learn so much more than ABCs and 123s. In fact, the greatest learning happens through play.


It is one of the best ways for children to develop and learn important social skills.


Children learn best when they’re having fun, when they’re engaged and motivated to learn, when they’re doing things that interest them or that challenge them to think in new ways.


During play, children have a chance

·      To practice what they know

·      To try out new ideas

·      To experience what it’s like to be someone else

·      To understand others’ feelings

·      To learn what compromising is

·      To solve problems and

·     To interact with other children who may have different backgrounds, experiences or interests.




2.    Lead by example


Children learn from observation. Have you seen them pick up words that you use everyday? They try to imitate you from time to time.


When your children see you practicing self-care, they learn that it is okay to look after yourself. When they see you making a mistake and apologising for it, they are learning about accepting responsibility for our actions.


And when they see you taking risks and embracing challenges, you are teaching them to move forward no matter what happens in life.



3.    Encourage risk taking


An activity that is challenging for your child is also likely to be one which requires them to take risks, like trying a new sport or trying out for a team or school play.


These activities can be incredibly daunting for children and encourage them to take risks. Let them know that sometimes we need to take risks in order to succeed and that it is okay if it doesn't work out first time round.


Make them step out of their comfort zone often. It’ll help them get familiarised with uncomfortable feelings and will help them to move forward in the time ahead.


4.    Talk openly about mistakes


One of the biggest barriers to learning from failure is seeing it as a negative experience. So the more comfortable you are talking about your mistakes, the more normal it will be for them to talk about theirs.

If you can make this a family thing, even better. Make a mistake and share it at dinner time, or ask everyone in the family what they learnt from their mistakes that day.

Father Talking to his Son

Focus on effort and improvement rather than getting things right first time.


If your child keeps making the same ‘mistake’, take some time to find out why they aren’t learning. Are they not interested? Or is the task too difficult?


Sometimes we need to step back and break down tasks into smaller steps so children have the chance to succeed at each one and build up their confidence along the way.


If they are having a bad day, remind them that tomorrow is another day and there is always room for improvement.


5.    Reinforce that failure is okay


No one ever succeeds in every new task they attempt, and children especially, will need to be reminded of this.


Failure is a normal part of life and should never be seen as a reason to give up or to stop trying.


Rather than try to protect our children from failure, we should equip them with the skills needed to overcome challenges and bounce back from disappointment.


6.    Celebrate successes

Wherever possible, point out your child's positive experiences. Being recognised for small victories boosts self-esteem and gives them the confidence to tackle the bigger challenges.


It also helps them develop a more optimistic outlook on life.


What are we saying?


We do not know what surprises life has in store for your children. The least you as parents can do is to be there for them no matter what and help them out. But we are sure that if these six ideologies were practiced right from their childhood, it will definitely give your child the edge to become successful.

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