15 Best Extra-Curricular Activities for Kids and their Importance
by- XOOG
September 12, 2022

Examples of unstructured learning methods are athletics, community service, theatre clubs, internships, etc. Continue reading to learn about clubs or extracurricular activities that interest your children. Don't compel them to engage in activities they aren't keen on.

15 Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Not everything can be taught in a classroom setting. In addition to what they learn in school, children learn many vital skills from extracurricular activities. These clubs assist them in developing crucial, lifelong practical skills outside their regular studies. The activities listed below are a few that greatly enhance the kids' general skill set:

#1. Sports

Sports of any kind help children develop on all fronts, which is thought to be one of the virtues that must be learned during the formative years. Children who play sports learn discipline and develop a sense of teamwork.

What Your Child Will Learn

Children gain endurance while participating in sports like basketball and football, developing their teamwork skills and strategic thinking. 

#2. Music 

Children who study music have access to many opportunities and leisure activities. Children are free to choose the instrument they want to play, but they are sure to enjoy and grow as they listen to music.

What Your Children Will Discover

Many kids enjoy music because of its freedom, which is one of its main appeals. Not only that, but children frequently learn a great deal about history and culture. XOOG a Safe Social Music Club for your child to show their singing skills and achievements to the world and earn rewards

#3. Dance 

Children who study music can participate in a variety of opportunities and pastimes. Regardless of the instrument they choose to play; kids will undoubtedly enjoy and develop as they do so while listening to music.

The Things Your Kids Will Learn

One of music's main draws for children is that it is liberating. In addition, children frequently pick up a lot of historical and cultural knowledge while mastering a new skill, like playing an instrument or singing, especially if it's classical music.

#4. Drawing/Painting 

Drawing or painting can help your child express their budding artistic side. While having fun with colours, a child's creativity is also stimulated and developed. It is a great hobby to start because of this.

What Your Children Will Discover

Your child will develop her creative abilities because certain brain parts will grow as she is exposed to and engages with more creative activities. Drawing and painting can also aid in the development of problem-solving abilities. 

#5. Martial Arts

Martial arts like Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo help children learn self-defence while instilling discipline. Instead of using their strength for violence, children may choose their preferred style to stream and control it.

What Your Children Will Discover

Martial arts assist students in learning self-control and self-discipline because these are the skills kids, with ADHD lack. They also aid in your child's physical growth and socialisation abilities.

#6. Book Club

A book club is one of the most popular after-school activities for kids today because it enables kids to quench their thirst for knowledge and socialise with like-minded friends. There are many opportunities to learn here. 

What Your Children Will Discover

A book club can be very beneficial. In addition to teaching your child a great deal about the world, how it functions, and much more, literature will also aid in the development of their reading and vocabulary, which will significantly impact their writing abilities.

#7. Cooking

Cooking is a crucial life skill that anyone and everyone can learn. Participating in this activity guarantees that our kids become independent and self-sufficient. Children learn about nutrition and cooperation while practising their fine motor skills while cooking.

What Your Children Will Discover

There are various advantages to this, as food preparation fosters focus and creativity and teaches kids practical skills like how to use sharp knives. Along with teaching them how to make nutritious meals with various ingredients, it does so in the company of kids their age.

#8. Swimming

One of the best exercises for toning most body parts is this one. Swimming fosters a fighting spirit that enables young children to handle emergency cases and aids in the development of self-confidence. Swimming is a skill that every human being must learn.

#9. Gymnastics 

Gymnastics is a structured and meticulously coordinated activity that helps kids develop physical and mental strength, ensuring fitness and a sense of accomplishment. Participating in this activity dramatically enhances a child's cognitive abilities while promoting physical well-being.

#10. Foreign Language

Due to the ease and speed of networking and communication, the modern world is quickly turning into a global village. Language is the ability that unites people from different parts of the world.

What Your Children Will Discover

A new language is always beneficial to learn. Children are exposed to different cultures and are better able to learn the language than adults. Your child's mind will grow as they learn a new language. 

#11. Archery

Archery is an evergreen art that helps kids focus, increase their attention span, and do better in one‘s academic pursuits. Kids' responsibility is increased as a result.

#12. Chess Club

Chess is a great extracurricular activity for kids; once they get the hang of it, they can't stop. Chess clubs are standard in schools. If not, teach your child's friends to play it together. In her spare time, you'll frequently see her practising and playing chess in her spare time. 

What Your Children Will Discover

Playing this game helps kids develop timing, patience, and strategy. Chess will improve her ability to make deductions as she attempts to figure out and outwit her opponent's strategy. 

#13. Pottery

Children's creativity is enhanced and kept engaged by the fascinating material of clay. Pottery is one of the oldest arts that has a relaxing effect on the participants and improves perseverance and concentration.

What Your Children Will Discover

Your child will develop her sensory and motor abilities through her creative works. Patterns, the three-dimensional globe, and the morality of patience are all taught to children.

#14. Drama Club

Acting helps kids develop physical, cultural, and artistic skills while enhancing their public speaking abilities. It is a valuable way to help kids channel their imagination. Being in a drama club helps the child's creativity while enhancing personality and confidence.

What Your Children Will Discover

Your child can improve their public speaking, social, artistic, and physical skills through drama club. A child's memory and improvisational abilities are also enhanced by it. Drama club frequently helps shy kids with acting talent gain self-assurance and social skills.

#15. Sewing Class

Even though sewing is not often considered an extracurricular activity, it is a valuable skill for young people. Children who learn the fundamentals of sewing can develop into fashion designers in the future.

What Your Children Will Discover

Children will enhance their self-esteem and expand their creative potential. It should be noted that sewing is just as innovative as painting or sculpture and can be very informative for kids who want to be designers in the future.



One of the effective methods to expose your children to various activities that can help them learn more about the world, discover who they are, and instil a variety of morals and values that will be useful to them in the future is through social clubs. Give your child a Safe Social Platform like XOOG to showcase their skills, build their portfolio to earn coins and shop to win rewards.

Benefits of Our Development for Kids Classes:

  • Improvement in performance and participation.
  • Children grow incredibly self-assured, expressive, and communicative.
  • Improvement in facial expressions, imagination, observation, and focus.
  • Increase in rhythm and positive body language.
  • Exposure to regular skill competitions.
  • Voice and speech quality, communication abilities, English dialect, pitch, and throw all improved.

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