We are XOOG!

Filled with innovation and passion , we at xoog are working towards making parents and kids more valuable and easier. We wanna enable parents to take better and data driven decisions for their children's education . Xoog is a Decentralized Social/Community based platform for students to build their future profile with their acquired skills and build a career out of it . Helping them to Shine at what they were born for!

Our Vision

Access to education is important, but access to building knowledge is even more so! We aim to empower your child to choose their skill and improve it. We also aim to help parents understand their child’s skills better and to help them make better choices.

Helping children follow their passion is something I am deeply passionate about too! Being an avid app developer, I believe children need innovative ways to pick up skills that are essential to succeeding. Bringing this life change is something I love to do.

Karishma Seetharaman

Learning a new skill is like a reward in itself, and being good at it takes it to another level. XOOG aims to achieve this with every child, so they get to learn, compete with their peers, enhance their skills, and continue the learning process. Learning to face challenges, accepting failure, and having a positive mindset are the life-long benefits our courses provide!

Ritvik Raj P

Our Investors

The amazing investors who believed in us to make an impact on every parent and kid.

Marwari Catalysts
Mcats are our Accelorator investors
Angel Investor
Angel Investor

Our fundamental principles

Where our values lie at !

Unique approach
Developing left and right brain functions by activating them.
Discover potential
Learn skills, build confidence, and stay future-ready.
Specific abilities that improve learning and life skills
Holistic learning
Intellectual learning with emotional awareness. Exploring at a personal pace!

Xoog Fam that makes it happen

Let's meet our amazing team at xoog. It takes a village to raise a child! These innovators and curators are behind every detail that helps make children succeed, along with XOOG.

Ezhil Maran
Lead- Product Engineering
Mohammed Arif
Community Manager
Akash Mani
Product Design UX Lead

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